Here is a piece called ‘Australia’s most self-obsessed models reveal all’, published at the Herald Sun. (Linked)

I am sharing this because a) the images were released by the models originally, so don’t compromise privacy. And b) I think the headline, faux-analysis and obsessive collection of numerous unrelated images are needlessly demeaning.

A recent study by Westfield investigated the ‘selfie’ phenomenon (Selfie = taking a picture of yourself using your phone). They looked at 1000 women aged 18 to 35 – incidentally the precise same age range as the models pilloried for taking selfies in the piece above – and the study found that the majority of women polled, 62 per cent, had taken at least one selfie. Interestingly, there is no time period indicated in the ‘most-obsessed’ article. Are the models branded with the ‘most self-obsessed’ tag taking a selfie every hour? Every month? Every year? More often than other women or men in their age group? More often than other models? It is unclear. What is clear though, is that in doing what the majority of women in their age group do, they have been deemed deserving of ridicule.

But why? Why ridicule professionals for sharing images of themselves when that is what fans and professionals clearly want of them, and when the majority of people online now do the same thing without any obvious professional reason?

I welcome your thoughts.