Role models don’t necessarily have to walk red carpets or lead countries. In fact, they don’t need to be famous at all. 

There is no doubt that the role models we choose significantly impact our lives. At their best, they can inspire us to grow, to learn and to be better human beings. They can show us that something is possible. At worst, they can compel us to take self-defeating actions, to empty our wallets, numb our brains and cling hopelessly to unhealthy habits and ideas.

When we look at some of the world most powerful women its hard not to ask how did they get there – and who inspired them? Quite aside from the influence of world politics, celebrity and the media, it remains true that the women who share the most intimate parts of our lives have real potential to influence us most. In fact, when I sat down to write this, it dawned on me that the three women whom I consider my role models are anything but strangers…

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Who do you look up to?

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