Vintage lovers, my vintage dedicated web digs are now live at and all future vintage and retro blog posts will be found there. At Victory Lamour I’ll be focusing on midcentury history, 40s and 50s fashion and film, as well as sustainability and recycling methods, authentic vintage and retro reproduction fashion, vintage caravans (and their repairs), gender and feminism, and the new body-positive pin-up movement. I hope you enjoy it. To subscribe to Victory’s newsletter (it’s free) enter your email at the top of the page at You can also visit her on Facebook.

There will be plenty of blog and gallery additions at Victory Lamour in the coming weeks, but I’ve started with two simple vintage hair tutorials, one with a 40s mega-curl or ‘Victory roll’ and another with a hair flower pin-up look and re-posts of my popular vintage red lipstick test and blog Hate the way modern fashions treat your curves? Go retro.

I’ll also be including interviews with some of my fellow vintage and retro buffs. (BTW, Why do we call them ‘fellow’? Fellow means ‘man or boy’, and also ‘member of a learned society’. We don’t seem to have a word for fellows who are not, you know, fellows.) So far, I have posted interviews with Belles B Ringing, Eden L’Amour and Miss Jessi Leigh, with vintage blogger Nora of Nora Finds up next.

If you are a vintage buff, collector or pin-up or have a pre-1965 caravan with period decor and would like to be featured on VictoryLamour, submit your details to And, well, say ‘Hello’. I’d love to hear from you.

See you there.

Until then, stay Victorious. x

Tara Moss AKA Victory Lamour

Photograph above by Lauren Horwood published in Vogue Italia.