Disability Advocate

Tara Moss is a Canadian-Australian author of 13 books of fiction and non-fiction, a documentary maker, and an outspoken advocate for human rights and the rights of women, children and people with disabilities. She is an Edna Ryan Award winner, UNICEF Ambassador, and Pain Australia ‘Pain Champion’. In 2021 she was named a ‘Global Change Maker’ in disability advocacy (Conscious Being magazine, UK).

As a disabled woman and ambulatory wheelchair user diagnosed with CRPS (Complex Regional Pain Syndrome) after a hip injury in 2016, Tara has used her public profile to help de-stigmatize disability, chronic illness and chronic pain. In the media and through her page ‘Tara and Wolfie’ (named for one of her first mobility aids), she brings advocacy and visibility to issues of disability and chronic illness, and the need to normalize mobility aids. She has given talks for hundreds of organizations, schools and festivals, and has brought her advocacy and passion for accessibility to multiple TV and media appearances across the globe. As speaker, writer, commentator and influencer, she brings public focus to issues relating to inclusion, disability, breaking down stigma and stereotypes, and how to improve accessibility.

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