The Stiletto Killer.

I was deep in the edits for the sixth Mak Vanderwall novel, Assassin, when a striking image by Lithuanian artist Natalie Shau stopped me dead. (So to speak.) This nightmarishly beautiful piece, with its severed foot and heeled shoe, brings to mind the fetishistic murders of the Stiletto Killer of my first three novels, albeit with a Tim Burton-esque dash of humour. What would Mak make of it, I wonder…?


  1. Ross H

    Freaky deeky! Hmmm I think early Mak would have thrown it out in disgust but later Mak put it up in the office as a talisman.

    Certainly very striking

  2. Sheryl

    Quite an interesting and artistic piece!! Can’t wait to see Mak back!!

  3. Vera Rand

    I didn’t get passed the fact that you were editing "Assassin". When will it be out?

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