Sisters In Crime gather at SheKilda

Sisters in Crime Australia formed 20 years ago, and this past weekend they held SheKilda Women Crime Writers’ Convention in Melbourne, opening with speakers including CEO of Writing Australia Mary Delahunty, professor Sue Turnbull and South African author Margie Orford, with special messages from Prime Minister Julia Gillard, Lord Mayor John Doyle and US crime writer Sara Paretsky (who formed Sisters In Crime in the US 25 years ago). Hundreds of guests came together for a full two days of workshops, panel discussions and gatherings of crime writers, readers and reviewers, forensic experts, specialists and police.

On Saturday I launched The Second Cut, an anthology of 22 short stories from the annual Scarlet Stiletto awards. My story Psycho Magnet won the Young Writers award in 1998 and was included in the first anthology, titled The First Cut. The annual Davitt awards that evening, with special guest Shamini Flint, saw Katherine Howell win for her novel Cold Justice and Leigh Redhead earn a high commendation for her novel Thrill City. Check out my interviews with Shamini and with Katherine on Tara In Conversation on 13th Street Universal.

Below are links to just a few of my sisters in crime, old and new, whom I spent time with at SheKilda: (in no particular order)

Marianne Delacourt
Leigh Redhead
Narrelle Harris
Kerry Greenwood
Kathryn Fox
Alex Palmer
Katherine Howell
Kim Westwood
PD Martin
Kirsty Brooks
Shamini Flint
Margie Orford
LA Larkin
Angela Savage
Lindy Cameron
PM Newton
Alison Goodman
Amanda Wrangles
Kylie Fox

That’s a whole lot of murderous, bestselling women under one roof. I urge you to check out their work. It was a magnificent occasion for crime writers and readers alike.



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