Dear Pandora English fans, thank you for your patience.

Every week, sometimes even several times in a day, I am asked, ‘Where is Pandora?’ Now it’s time to let you know that we are having to find a new publisher for the Pandora English series in order to continue her story over several future books (Her story is just getting started!). I’m sorry there has not been any news yet, but we hope to have news this year. I am sorry for the delay in the release of the fourth book, The Cobra Queen, while we find a home for her.

The reality is that it is a difficult time in the publishing industry and many authors and publishers are finding themselves out of work, and many book stores and publishing houses are also going under or being bought out by larger conglomerates. A lot of talented and experienced authors I know are having their series pulled from circulation and their beloved (and often very popular) characters killed off as contracts are not renewed. New statistics show that the number of authors able to make a living from their writing has plummeted dramatically over the last 8 years, and that the average professional author is now making well below the salary required to achieve the minimum acceptable living standard (in addition, half of self-published authors make less than $500) so I am more grateful than ever for the opportunities I have, and that I can work several jobs outside of publishing my beloved fiction in order to support myself and my family.

Many authors can’t work the kind of high profile jobs I often do, however. If you love an author or series, particularly a local author (the vast majority of local authors have smaller audiences and print runs), be sure to support them. Tell your friends. Buy the books – or consider borrowing from the library, rather than a friend, as the national library system still pays authors a small fee for lending the book to you, through the ELR and PLR programs, (Educational Lending Right and Public Lending Right) and at least it registers that there is a demand for the work. For some authors, their PLR at the end of the financial year is just enough to allow them to continue to write.

Thanks for reading this short post. Again, I apologise for the delay. I thank you for your support, and Pandora, Lieutenant Luke and Great Aunt Celia look forward to continuing their adventures in the future. x

PS In the meantime I will leave you with my sub-standard photoshop skills, above, showing my Pandora series author photo by Elizabeth Allnutt and a mysterious Pandora…