‘‘Do two sexisms make a decency?’’asked author, critic and writer Elizabeth Farrelly in her recent column titled: “The new feminism: if it’s girly, it’s good”, where she claimed she doesn’t “usually read women authors but not because they’re women. Because they’re boring”, and took aim at female-oriented websites and “girly” groups and organisations that attempt to address gender imbalance, singling out Parlour and Wendy Harmer’s website The Hoopla, among other things.

Everyone is entitled to like or dislike certain styles of writing and media, however, I felt that women writers, female-oriented organisations, initiatives and websites deserved some defending, particularly considering the well-documented lack of female voices in the mainstream media and the arts. If you would like to take a look, read my piece for The Hoopla, “Stop Whining, Girls” or read my previous post, below, for some hard stats.

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