Why White Ribbon Day Matters

Sunday, November 25th is White Ribbon Day and the UN International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women. We can make a difference together, and we must, because according to the largest study ever done on the problem of violence against women – a study conducted in 70 countries over 40 years – violence is ‘a bigger danger to women than cancer’.


I appeared on my first Q&A this month, hosted by Tony Jones. Topics included cyberbullying,¬†education reform, super trawlers, asylum seekers and people smuggling. I spoke for the first time about my refugee family history and my Opa’s escape from a Nazi work camp. Guests on the panel were Tony Burke, the¬†Minister for Sustainability, Environment, Water, […]

For Mum

For many years, Mother’s Day was a day I tried to ignore. In May each year I tried not to hear about my friend’s plans for this day. I tried to avoid the ads, tried not to see the cards, the flowers, the news headlines.