Three nights in Seville

We are wandering through the old city in Seville, the capital of Andalusia, and we are lost. It is our third night in Seville, and being lost here is a surprisingly pleasant feeling. Each corner of the old town brings yet more wonders and even now, past ten in the evening, the sky is glowing blue and the streets are alive with the chatter and activities of friendly locals…

Port Arthur and The Island Of The Dead

Port Arthur, Tasmania, is a beautiful, terrible place. Its history as a penitentiary is dark, having been the destination for the ‘hardest’ of convicted British and Irish criminals between 1833 and 1853. The day we visited, the coast of Tasmania was struck with violent, gale force winds and the entire Port Arthur site was without power, throwing the visitor’s centre and rooms within the intact historic buildings into an eerie darkness.