The Age of Invisibility?

A recent study by the US Women’s Media Center found that men were ‘far more likely to be quoted than women in newspapers, television and public radio,’ even including ‘coverage of abortion, birth control, Planned Parenthood and women’s rights.’ So, how do women in Australian media fare?

Vintage Berlin

When most people think of Berlin, they think of the wall and horrors of WWII, but this is also a city with a long and fascinating history of art, fashion and the avant garde. I recently went hunting for the best of vintage Berlin. Here is what I found.

Meeting Ecce Homo

‘Ecce Homo’ (Behold the Man) by Elías García Martínez, famously restored by 80 year old Cecilia Giménez, is the only work protected by glass in the chapel of Santuario de Misericordia, in a tiny village outside Borja, Spain. Awful restoration or small town miracle? History will be the judge.