Who do you look up to?

There is no doubt that the role models we choose significantly impact our lives. At their best, they can inspire us to grow, to learn and to be better human beings. They can show us that something is possible. At worst, they can compel us to take self-defeating actions, to empty our wallets, numb our brains and cling hopelessly to unhealthy habits and ideas.


I appeared on my first Q&A this month, hosted by Tony Jones. Topics included cyberbullying, education reform, super trawlers, asylum seekers and people smuggling. I spoke for the first time about my refugee family history and my Opa’s escape from a Nazi work camp. Guests on the panel were Tony Burke, the Minister for Sustainability, Environment, Water, […]

Mystery Tour

The ‘Mystery Tour of Porters Pass’ in the Blue Mountains is highly recommended for hikers interested in an excellent, medium level 2-4 hour circuit with sweeping views, waterfalls – and a touch of history, with the beautiful stone steps of Porters Pass, dating back to 1888.